Russell is an IChemE trained HAZOP study leader

We have the competence, and experience, to plan a campaign of HAZOP studies where necessary and to integrate those studes with other hazard assessment activities such as HAZID, LOPA, SIL Target Setting, Risk Assessement, Safety Critcial Task Analysis and ALARP Demonstration.

Our HAZOP leader can adopt client in house procedures when required and we will always anchor our delivery to written industry good practice guidance  i.e.BS EN 61882  and IChemE's 'HAZOP: Guide to Best Practice', Crawley and Tyler.

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As our principal HAZOP consultant, Russell has a varied and plentiful experience as an IChemE trained HAZOP leader. 

Our HAZOP leader has carried out many HAZOP and HAZID studies in a wide range of industry sectors and for various major hazard regimes (including COMAH, 'sub-COMAH', DSEAR, and pipeline safety). 

Not only is Russell an experienced HAZOP chairperson / leader he also has an MSc in Process Safety and Loss Prevention.  He understands how all the pillars of process safety come together to manage process hazards, and makes sure that all of these are adequately challenged, and documented, in the HAZOP record.

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If you have a Hazard study requirement, big or small, in any industry, please get in touch for a no obligation estimate from our HAZOP leader.

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We take on HAZOP leader commissions that may range from a single day of study to ones lasting several weeks.

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