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Many industries use a HAZID (HAZard IDentification) study to comprehensively identify the hazards of their facility

A HAZID study is a structured team study, like a HAZOP, but as a starting point it uses guide words focused at the outcome of things going wrong.  For example one guide word would be "Impact" and so the team would use the guide word to identify and record all the ways in which an impact related indicent could occur.  Typically other guide words would include Fire, Explosion, Adjacent Activities etc...etc... 

In the overal suite of process safety assessment activities the HAZID is the old ICI HAZOP Stage 2 study

Unlike a HAZOP which has a British Standard written for it, there is no definitive description or procedure for the HAZID technique.  The most effective description is that for a "Structured What If? / Checklist Study" - "Guidelines for Hazard Evaluation Procedures", CCPS, 3rd Edn

If you have a need for the major hazards at your facility to be clearly identified and understood please get in touch for a no obligation estimate for HAZID, HAZOP or other hazard study by our HAZOP leader.

HAZID Study Leader

Our principal HAZOP consultant, Russell is an IChemE trained HAZOP leader / Chair and has substantial experience in designing and delivering HAZID studies for a number of industries.. 

Not only is Russell an experienced HAZOP chair / leader he also has an MSc in Process Safety and Loss Prevention.  He understands how all the pillars of process safety come together to manage process hazards, and makes sure that all of these are adequately challenged, and documented, in the HAZID record.

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