Advice about preparing the demonstrations required for COMAH;

• Preparation of COMAH Safety Report;

• COMAH Major Hazard Risk Assessment;

HAZID (hazard identification);
HAZOP Scribe;
HAZOP Independent person;
SIL Target Setting / LOPA;
Representative sets and Safety Critical Event selections for Major Hazard risk assessment (including proportionality);
• Event frequency;
• Severity and Extent;
• Consequence Modelling;
• Identification of "good practice";
• Gap analysis against “good practice” and "best practice";

• DSEAR Risk Assessments;

• Hazardous Area Zoning Reports and Calculations;

ALARP demonstrations & justifications;
• Preparation or assistance with COMAH safety management systems, descriptive and emergency preparedness aspects; 
• Evaluation of reaction hazards;
• Human Factors Safety Critical Task Identification;
• Human Factors Safety Critical Task Analysis including performance influencing factors;
Hazardous Area Classification;
• Basis of Safety Preparation;
• Process Control Philosophy Preparation;
• Pressure Relief and Blow-down Studies;
• Audit of Safety Management Systems;

HAZOP, HAZID and Other Services We Offer

We can provide a range of services on a consultancy basis from a HAZID study or HAZOP study (hazard identification) to other aspects of major hazard risk assessment (relating to both the protection of people and the environment).  The following list details many of the services that we can offer and / or advise on.  (For more information on the more popular specific services please see our other webpages.)

COMAH Consulting Ltd
COMAH Consultancy services

COMAH Consulting Ltd

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