The law requires that process related risks are reduced to "as low as is reasonably practicable" (ALARP).  This requirement is effectively enshrined in the Health and Safety at Work Act.

We are experts in making these risk demonstrations and it requires experience, an in depth knowledge of contemporary process design and good judgement.

The most effective argument and starting point for making an ALARP demonstration is obvious compliance with relevant good practice (see Industry invests hundreds of thousands of pounds each year in good practice guidance - for example HSE guidance and British Standards.  If these are followed then it is often this fact alone that is the persuasive ALARP argument.

When good practice is not directly applicable - perhaps due to unique risk aspects - then this needs to be recognised and the implications clearly understood.

At these times the ALARP demonstration becomes more complex.  Sometimes it will be necessary to use a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and the concept of Gross Disproportionality to help demonstrate that a risk is ALARP

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ALARP and legal compliance