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COMAH Consulting Ltd – Safety and Environmental Consultant for Major Hazard Industries

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Consultants on Major Accident Hazards in the Process Industries

COMAH Consulting Ltd provides risk management consultancy services to high hazard industries like manufacturing plants, chemical factories, refineries, power stations, pharmaceutical companies etc.  Our business is to help our clients to manage the risks of toxic gas release, explosions and fire which could harm many people, and the environment.

We work as consultant (as both a safety and environmental consultant) in the major hazard sectors for a range of companies and clients - from small "non"-COMAH plants through to large upper tier COMAH complexes.  We also work in conjunction with other engineering consultants and design contractors.

Some clients require advice to achieve a "minimum legal" objective; others require advice to help them become high reliability organisation with world class process safety performance.  We can assist both.  We have a strong ex-HSE chemicals' sector Inspector “presence” and we can provide constructive and pragmatic liaison with the Regulator.

We can provide bespoke or generic process safety training, delivered by a COGENT accredited trainer.

We can help develop suitable safety management systems (SMS).